Capture every second of your once in a lifetime experience!

We offer low-price photo & video packages to best fit your needs and budget. We believe in keeping our prices low so that you can share your awesome experience with all of your friends and family back home!

*Photo & Video Packages must be purchased before you fly.



A 12 megapixel GoPro camera will snap high resolution photos every few seconds, capturing the full length of your flight as you soar around the island. Pre-shot photos facing outside every 10 seconds + live photos facing inside every 10 seconds. Unlike most tour operators, we do not charge you for each photo - you get ALL OF THEM for one low price!

Approximate # of photos:

  • Discovery Ride: 60
  • Island Tour: 120
  • Key West Eco Tour: 120
  • Ultimate Island Experience: 360
  • Sunset Celebration: 360



Your entire experience within the cockpit will be captured in high-definition as you fly over the crystal clear water and scenic landmarks of Key West. Playback every second of your once in a lifetime experience!

*All videos are recorded in .mp4 format, allowing easy sharing over all desktops, laptops, and mobile devices.

Photo & Video packages:

Photo OR VIDEO - $20



All photos and videos are uploaded to DropBox within 48 hours following your flight. You will receive a private link in your email, where you will be able to view, download, share, and/or print all of your files.