Aerial Photography

$990 p/hr

Whether it be a magazine ad, photography for your portfolio, a specific event, or just an unforgettable memory, then let our staff at Fly-KeyWest ensure that your aerial photography needs are met. During an aerial photography flight, photographers can choose their destinations, subjects and surrounds to capture amazing aerial footage around the islands in Key West. The choice is yours, or let our staff guide you to achieve the outcome you are looking for. With each and every client we take the time to understand your individual needs and requirements. We then determine the best route and time of departure to get those perfect aerial shots. Depending on your requirements, the shoot can be conducted any time from the early morning to late evening at your request.

Options and Capabilities

  • Doors off flight – One or more doors removed per your requirements to ensure glare free shooting
  • Cameras and Equipment – All cameras and equipment must be securely attached to the photographer or aircraft at all times and not obstruct or impede egress from the aircraft
  • Passenger Numbers – Up to 3 photographers / observers may be carried at a time, depending on weight limitations
  • Flight Time – Every flight includes up to the specified flight time as booked as well as an additional 30mins, to pre-brief and setup the aircraft and then to de-rig the aircraft post flight. Any additional time will be charged at the below rates as applicable.
  • Permits / Delays – Depending on location of flight delays may be incurred or permits required, where applicable these will be advised to the client.

Fees and Charges

  • $990 p/hr flight time
  • $250 p/hr pilot standby

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