How can I book a Tour?2021-12-03T12:51:22-05:00

The easiest and quickest way to book a tour is through our website. Simply select the tour you’d like and follow the on screen prompts. If you’d prefer, you can also book a tour by calling or e-mailing us directly. See our contact information on this page: Contact Us Here

What is your cancellation policy?2021-12-03T12:38:17-05:00

We require a 48-hour notice to change or cancel reservations Passengers who are not present at the time of departure or who cancel inside of the cancellation time-frames will be charged in full and will not receive a refund. Passengers are encouraged to contact us well ahead of anticipated scheduling conflicts, requests to re-schedule within 48hrs of departure will result in a $50 re-booking fee. We will be happy to accommodate schedule change requests made outside of the prescribed windows

What is your weather policy?2021-12-03T12:38:38-05:00

If we know the weather is not suitable, we’ll contact you as soon as possible to arrange a different time that works for your schedule. If flying at a different time doesn’t work for you, we’ll provide a 100% refund to the card used to make the reservation.

Do you offer video recording of our actual tour?2021-12-03T12:38:53-05:00

We offer video recording as an option to purchase at check out, and you are welcome to take as much video footage as you’d like once you board the helicopter. Please note that once the flight starts there is no option for the pilot to add video recording to the flight, so please inform your pilot if you would like the flight recorded.

Do you have any weight restrictions?2021-12-15T16:00:06-05:00

All flights have a maximum weight per seat / per person of 275 lbs. The maximum passenger weight for the entire flight is 600lbs for flights of 30mins duration or less and 525 lbs for flights up to 60mins in duration. A 10% fee will be charged on tours cancelled due to exceeding maximum weight limitations and/or if guest weight is greater than 20lbs more than weight indicated at time of booking.

Are we guaranteed to see all of the sights mentioned in your tour descriptions?2021-12-03T12:39:50-05:00

Our pilots work meticulously to fly the routes as they’re depicted on the website. Occasionally, weather, air traffic control, other airborne traffic, or external factors force pilots to make deviations at their sole discretion to ensure safe flight and enjoyable experiences.

What can I do to make sure I have a comfortable and enjoyable experience?2021-12-03T12:40:05-05:00

First of all, relax and get ready to have fun! You’re in great hands. If you’re somebody who is scared of heights or experiences motion sickness, feel free to let our staff know and we’ll do whatever we can to set you at ease. We recommend wearing loose comfortable clothing suitable to the conditions, tying your hair back if its longer and ensuring that any loose articles/jewellery can be secured or removed will all make your trip as comfortable as possible.

When is the best time to fly?2021-12-03T12:40:19-05:00

Anytime is a great time to fly around Key West! Mornings generally bring smooth conditions, in the afternoon you get to see crowded Beaches from the air, and in the evenings you can capture the beautiful Key West sunset We recommend picking a time that works best for you and your group.

How much experience do your pilots have?2021-12-03T12:40:34-05:00

Our pilots are impeccably qualified, thoroughly vetted, and love to provide the best tour experience!

Does Fly-KeyWest Offer Flights other than tours?2021-12-03T12:40:52-05:00

Yes. From aerial photography and videography to executive charter and pipeline surveillance or instruction and more, our team at Fly-KeyWest can help you with all your helicopter and vertical needs. For more information please contact us to discuss.

What are your hours of operation?2021-12-03T12:41:06-05:00

We operate seven days a week. Current hours of operation are 9am til sunset daily.

Will we be the only ones in the helicopter? How is seating determined?2021-12-03T12:41:50-05:00

It depends. We offer both ‘shared’ and ‘private’ flights. If you choose a private flight, your group will be the only ones in the aircraft. For shared flights, you may be seated with other customers flying the same tour. In either case, seating is determined by our staff based on passenger weights and fuel requirements to ensure aircraft balance requirements.

If you would like to request the front seat, please request this as part of your booking or give us a call ahead of time and we’ll make it happen if we can do it safely. It is free to request, +$50 if confirmed.

Can I take a tour if I have a disability?2021-12-03T12:42:05-05:00

Our facilities are disabled accessible and we’re happy to help you into the aircraft if necessary, so in most cases the answer is yes. In some cases, however, our staff may not feel comfortable allowing a passenger to fly if it jeopardizes their safety. If such a case exists, we will happily provide a full refund. If possible, please let us know in advance if you require assistance, extra space or another requirement and we will do anything we can to make the ride more comfortable for you. If you are at all concerned about your ability to fly because of a medical condition, we strongly recommend you check with your doctor before booking.

What do I need to bring?2021-12-03T12:42:19-05:00

Just yourself and your state/government issued identification. Something to take pictures and/or videos with if you haven’t opted for the video package (your phone is more than suitable) We will provide the safety equipment, headsets, additional ear protection, and anything else you need to enjoy the experience.

Do I need to show ID when I check-in?2021-12-03T12:42:59-05:00

All US passengers over the age of 18 must show a state or government issued photo identification card at the time of check-in. Non-US passengers over the age of 18 must show a valid foreign government-issued passport at the time of check-in. Children under the age of 2 must have proof of age in the form of a passport or birth certificate. Passengers between the ages of 2 and 18 are not required to present identification, but must be accompanied by an adult 18 years of age or older.

Do you offer ground transportation?2021-12-03T12:43:13-05:00

Our team offers shuttle transportation for any pre-booked tour flight, which can be selected at the time of booking. If you arrange for shuttle transportation, our team will call you to coordinate a pickup location and time. For planning, we generally pick guests up at least an hour prior to their scheduled departure time.

What is your policy when flying with children?2021-12-03T12:43:29-05:00

All children over the age of 2, and/or any child wishing to ride in a car seat during the flight is required to purchase their own seat. In accordance with FAA regulations, children under the age of 2 may either ride in a car seat or on the lap of the child’s parent, guardian, or designated attendant at the discretion of that child’s parent, guardian, or designated attendant.

Do you weigh passengers or bags prior to flight? 2021-12-03T12:43:43-05:00

For the safety of yourself and other guests and crew, we weigh every passenger and bag that flies on our aircraft. We will make every effort to weigh you discretely. To avoid issues or delays, we strongly encourage passengers to be truthful and accurate about their weight at the time of booking.

Am I allowed to take pictures during the flight?2021-12-03T12:44:00-05:00

This is highly encouraged. For your safety, only Fly-KeyWest staff members will be permitted to take photos on the flight line, but once you are in the helicopter, you are welcome to take as many photos and videos as you’d like. Just make sure you tag us on your social media accounts! Pictures of you and your group in front of the aircraft will be available for you following your flight.

What are your terms and conditions?2021-12-15T16:01:43-05:00

The Fly-KeyWest Terms and Conditions can be found here.

Do you have a privacy Policy?2021-12-03T12:45:04-05:00

The Fly-KeyWest.com Privacy Policy can be found here: Our Privacy Policy

Can pregnant women fly on a helicopter tour?2021-12-03T12:45:18-05:00

As long as your doctor says you’re OK to fly, we look forward to seeing you

Will I get motion Sickness?2021-12-03T12:45:33-05:00

Most people don’t, it is very rare. Our aircraft are smooth and air conditioned. If you do think you’ll have a problem, feel free to give us a call and we can offer you some suggestions.

Can I bring a beverage on the flight?2021-12-03T12:45:52-05:00

Only water in a container with a secure lid is allowed in the helicopter, all bottles must be secured in a pocket, handbag, etc. when loading the aircraft.

Can I take pictures of the helicopter?2021-12-03T12:46:23-05:00

For your safety, only Fly-KeyWest staff members are permitted to take photos on the flight line, but once you are in the helicopter, you are welcome to take as many photos and videos as you’d like. Just make sure you tag us on your social media! Pictures of you and your group in front of the aircraft will be available for you following your flight.

Do staff accept tips?2021-12-03T12:46:40-05:00

Tips are accepted for a job well done Passengers may tip our pilots at the time of the flight with cash or through Venmo

I’m on a cruise. Can you provide transportation to or from the cruise terminal?2021-12-03T12:46:58-05:00

We are happy to pick you up or drop you off at the Key West Cruise terminal. Simply list that as your location when you book your tour and we’ll accommodate for a nominal fee.

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