Gender Reveal

Create a gender reveal like no other that is both special and memorable and one that will excite your family and friends with memories of a lifetime. Using our water-soluble colored powder, our time will announce the gender of your new baby in a visually stunning and unique plume from one of our aircraft. After providing us with your event location we will customize a route to display the color (blue or pink) of your choosing, some popular locations are the beach, a back country sandbar or a balcony.

Options and Inclusions:

  • Consultation: Standard with every Gender Reveal is a consultation where we gather all the information needed to safely and effectively reveal the gender, this includes the location to allow for permitting or moving if permits cannot be obtained, color determination, etc.
  • Customized route to maximize viewing and dispensing of 10lbs of blue or pink smoke from our custom dispensing rig.
  • Secret Reveal: If you don’t wish to know the gender of the baby yourself, you can have your doctor mail or call us directly with the gender and we will make it a surprise for everyone.
  • Aerial Observer: Option to include an aerial observer at an additional cost, weight and balance permitting.

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