Flight Review

Flight Reviews are designed to keep you, both current and proficient to your pilot certification level. Our staff are qualified to conduct your annual or Biennial Flight Review (BFR) in our aircraft or yours.

The flight review consists of a minimum of 1 hour of ground instruction and a minimum of 1 hour of flight instruction as detailed by 14 CFR Part 61.56 and/or SFAR 73 as applicable. Flight review topics include:

  • SFAR 73
  • Awareness Review
  • Energy Management
  • Mast Bumping
  • Low G Hazards and Recovery
  • Low Rotor RPM, Recognition and Recovery
  • FAR Part 91 Review of operating procedures and flight rules
  • ADM and CRM
  • Topics you would like to focus on as applicable


  • Hold at least a Private Pilot Certificate – Rotorcraft
  • Ability to speak, read and understand the English language
  • Hold at least a 3rd class medical certificate


  • Minimum of 1 hour of ground instruction
  • Minimum of 1 hour flight instruction


  • Fly to PTS standards for your certification level

Contact Us to discuss your needs and let us schedule your flight review.