Flight Training FAQ2023-09-19T08:57:44-04:00

Flight Training FAQ

Do I need any previous flying experience?2023-09-13T13:24:32-04:00

No flying experience is necessary! This is a complete course from an introductory flight lesson right up until the last flight in preparation for your FAA checkride, and you will be taught everything you need to know.

What type of helicopter will I complete my flight training in?2023-09-13T14:16:37-04:00

Your flight training will take place in a Robinson R-44 helicopter, one of the most popular helicopters in the world and an ideal starting point for those wishing to enter the industry as commercial pilots or for the private pilot looking to enjoy the thrills of taking friends and family on a helicopter flight.

Are there any weight restrictions?2023-09-13T14:18:19-04:00

Yes, for the R-44 helicopter, the participant must weigh no more than 300lbs.

Are there any age requirements?2023-09-13T14:19:04-04:00

Participants must be at least a minimum of 12 years of age for the discovery flight, additional age restrictions apply for gaining of a helicopter license. Please see the individual page for the license type you are applying for.

What if my flight is cancelled due to weather?2023-09-13T14:19:46-04:00

We recommend contacting the office or your pilot on the day of your flight if you have any concerns regarding weather. In the event your flight is cancelled due to weather you can reschedule directly with your pilot or the office.

How long will it take to get my license?2023-09-13T14:20:25-04:00

The more frequently you fly, the faster you will complete your training. Our schedule is flexible and is one on one with an instructor. This means that you are able to go at your own pace. We recommend flying 2-3 times per week which averages about 4-6 months of training to receive your Helicopter Private Pilot License.

How much will it cost to get my license?2023-09-13T14:21:00-04:00

The price you pay will vary greatly depending on how long it takes you to complete your training. Refer to the individual license page you would like to achieve for the minimum hour requirements. Those breakdowns are based on the FAA minimum requirements and require consistent flying and progression, but are rarely achieved. You will need to budget an additional 10%-20% for the average student.

How Often Should I Fly?2023-09-13T14:21:38-04:00

We recommend flying a minimum of 2-3 times a week in order to progress through your training efficiently. Our schedule allows you to choose your own class times and pace.

How do I pay for training? 2023-09-13T14:23:01-04:00

We have a couple of different payment options available

PAY AS YOU GO – This option allows you to pay after each lesson. The lesson price will vary depending on what you work on each day and how long you are in the aircraft with your instructor.

BLOCK RATES – Our block rates allow you to put money down on your account via cash, check or credit to receive a discount on the hourly rate of the aircraft. We will then draw from your deposit each time you fly until it is exhausted

FINANCING – You can choose to finance your training with one of the leading flight training finance companies or financial facilities of your choice.

Is there Ground study required?2023-09-13T14:23:36-04:00

Yes. Being a pilot involves more than flying. You’ll learn about the weather, aerodynamics, FAA regulations, airspace, and more. In addition to studying on your own, you’ll receive one-on-one instruction with a qualified instructor.

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